Beautiful scenery

The area is literally dotted with beautiful sceneries.
Villages surrounded by lakes and tulip fields, where the famous Dutch windmills together with the black and white cows, are in the Dutch meadows. A true party for the eyes and the heart. Take off and fly over the beautiful Dutch landscapes of Holland, and the landing on the beautiful countryside with a natural, quiet and peaceful environment.

Transfers from (hotel) accomodations

Our take-off sites are in several parts of Holland. We have various possibilities in the areas where we can take off with the hot air balloon to show you the best view from the air due to flexible wind directions. Please let us know if you wish any transfer from your (hotel) accommodation. We would be pleased to arrange your local transfer for a reasonable price or in cooperation with our reliable partners.

Choose one of the most experienced pilots of Holland

What we think is the most valuable is the customer experience therefore and our pilots will be your tour- and safety guide in the air to tell you nice things about the history and development of Holland. Our pilots have fly experience all over the world (Italy, France, Dubai, Austria, Hungary and Germany) and will show you the breathtakingly beautiful Dutch landscape. They have done over more than 3500 flights in the last 25 years and are EASA certified.