Wear comfortable sporty clothing. It is advisable to carry a light jacket or cardigan. As you will have to climb in and out of the basket, wearing a skirt or a long dress can get in the way. A sun hat or cap is also a good idea. Avoid wearing high heels and flip-flops. Sneakers are ideal.

The meeting time depends on the sunset but the average will be around 19.00/7.00 pm at the lounchesite / starting point / take-off site. The balloon ride location for the balloon flight is a maximum one hour drive from Amsterdam. The pilots decide on the day off the flight which location will be the best.

The balloon flies with the wind, which determines direction and distance, so the flight paths differ from flight to flight.

The morning provides the best flying conditions. The cool and serene ambience strengthens the breathtaking views and incredible landscapes. The actual balloon flight time is approximately one hour. Weather permitting, we fly 7-days-a- week from April until the end of September.